16 November 2012

CIA and drugs: a comprehensive historical overview of the Central Intelligence Agency's involvement in the global narcotics trade

By Robbie Graham
Ever wondered how the CIA and other alphabet soup agencies acquire the trillions of dollars required to sustain the blackest of their black projects – including UFO-related programs?

“Drugs!” the well-informed among you might cry. Yes, indeed, the global narcotics trade has long played a major role in sustaining the US government’s immense shadow infrastructure. But understanding the historical intricacies of how and why the CIA embedded itself in the drugs trade is not easy. Usually, to comprehend the CIA-narcotics-industry symbiosis, a researcher would be required to trawl through dozens of rare books and academic journal articles. It would take a very long time.
Indeed, it did take a very long time for my brother, Jamie Graham, who, in 2007, wrote his Politics Masters thesis on this very subject. Despite its unconventional and deeply controversial subject matter (a subject that most university professors simply refuse to acknowledge), Jamie’s thesis was nevertheless awarded a Distinction grade – such was the strength of the case it made for the Central Intelligence Agency’s historical involvement in the global narcotics trade.

The contents page alone (below) will give you an idea of the sheer scope of this research project. It is surely one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind to have been produced in recent years. It is now available in-full online. READ IT HERE.


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