7 December 2012

Aliens on the ‘Horizon’ for ‘Walking Dead’ producer

By Robbie Graham Silver Screen Saucers

The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd (who also gave us The Terminator and Aliens) is moving ahead with a new alien-themed TV series for USA titled Horizon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series revolves around an alien battle in the South Pacific:

"Set during the height of World War II, Horizon centers on a secretary at the FBI who discovers that her husband might have been killed in a battle with a spaceship in the South Pacific. Obsessed with learning the truth, she becomes the only person standing between Earth and an alien invasion."

The show is to be written and co-produced by Bridget Tyler, who has worked on Burn Notice. Deadline quotes USA co-president Jeff Wachtel and Chris McCumber as saying:

"Horizonis our first genre piece since The 4400 and the first-ever period drama for the network..." 

A secret war with aliens during WWII? Sounds suspiciously familiar to Dark Skies... No, not the new alien abduction movie Dark Skies, but the ‘90s TV series from which the former borrowed *cough-stole-cough* its name. Still, at least there’s no outright thievery going on here, and the tightly focused premise of the show – covert alien battles in the South Pacific – certainly has potential. Let’s just hope Gale Anne Hurd takes more than a few pages from Battleship’s book... and then rips them to shreds.

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