6 February 2013

The CIA, the Movie Mogul, and 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'

By Robbie Graham Silver Screen Saucers
First contact: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

Evidence mounts that iconic 1951 movie was CIA UFO acclimation project 
  • Darryl Zanuck – the movie mogul who oversaw the film’s production – was a CIA asset.
  • Zanuck was considered a “friend” of the US government who could be “relied upon” to subtly “insert ideas” into his productions.
  • Zanuck helped shape the script for The Day the Earth Stood Still and wanted audiences to “completely accept” that open ET contact could happen “in the not too distant future.”


  1. the cia,nsa has dept. just for disinformation and debunking anything alien,and they control all main stream media too.you ever wonder why all videos of ufos flying around the iss,moon,earth,only make on google,utube,why do they go to so much trouble,it should be obvious,but there are people who still (mentally)wet themselves about the truth,oh yea,the news sensationalize everything,but nothing alien,hhhmmm,there is now overwelming evidents to prove that aliens are here,so maybe the cia,nsa is trying to soften the impact when the truth does come out,it should be pretty soon now..

  2. I suggest that the writer of this article and anyone else interested in this topic retire to view disk 2 of the DVD version of the movie that gives the background for the movie of which I find not one word in this article. The movie may have been a CIA ploy, I don't doubt it a bit. That is what they do. But the original work was a short story by the author Harry Bates.

    To me, the most interesting fact of this whole situation is that Bates' ending was changed for one more acceptable to the public at that time. In the movie, the alien--but human-like--emissary was the one in control. In the written story, the "robot" Klaatu was the real intelligence in charge and created, step by step, the human so "it" could walk among earth humans.

    So even that movie did not live up to the real situation. Yet I rank that movie as the best UFO movie ever made--and amazingly, the explosions and special effects were kept to a minimum--image that if you can!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I am, of course, fully aware of the movie’s literary inspiration and have read Bates’ original story. I will discuss ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ in far greater detail in my forthcoming book: ‘Silver Screen Saucers: Sorting Fact from Fantasy in Hollywood’s UFO Movies’.

      I include no mention of Bates’ ‘Farewell to the Master’ in my above article simply because I don’t consider it relevant in what is intended to be a short presentation of facts supporting the idea that ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ was influenced by the CIA. In this case, the source material was a point of departure for Edmund North and Darryl Zanuck, who were chiefly responsible for shaping the film’s script. Harry Bates’ story provided a basic template, but nothing more.

      Likewise, even director Robert Wise had little input in terms of script development. Wise was – throughout his entire career – a hired hand who was renowned for his superb directorial craftsmanship and generic diversity. But this was before the age of the auteur, when directors became recognized as the most significant creative force in the filmmaking process (not necessarily true, in my opinion).

      Back in the early ‘50s, when working within the rigid studio system, for the most part, producers produced, screenwriters wrote, and directors directed. There was little crossover. The point I’m making here with regard to Robert Wise is that, although he was the guy in the director’s chair, he was by no means the most significant creative force behind ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still.’ This is relevant to note because I have it on good authority that Wise was not made privy to the apparent CIA agenda behind ‘his’ film. He was there to do a job: direct. And he did it beautifully.

    2. Anonymous I seem to recall watching Robert Wise mentioning during an interview shown on the UK SciFi Channel in the Eighties/Nineties he'd insisted on changing the ending so Klaatu'd represent the threat posed by nuclear missiles coming under the control of self-regulated computers.

  3. Thanks! Great article! I encourage everyone to read "The Stargate Conspiracy". Beyond a shadow of a doubt the CIA is hyping an alien agenda. Reason 1: it gives them cover for their massive black budget aircraft- those UFO's-they're real! But they are air force black budget baby! They have LOTS of advanced technology they keep for themselves. duh
    2. Fear
    3. Unity. Either through fear of an invasion or as a new religion, technological religion with new gods to worship that are modern. The CIA understands religion better than anyone

  4. It is a hoot to watch that movie today. The medical personnel smoke their brains out in one scene. The CIA was probably pushing cigarettes, UFO's were just boob bait.

  5. Donald Keyhoe wrote in 1953 that the AF came within about a week of complete Disclosure; the script was written for the press conference and it was almost a go. Here's the link to the book, the part I'm discussing is towards the end, the XIII chapter: